We carefully hand-roast all our coffees on-site in small batches, with close attention to detail and quality. Every roast profile has been refined and calibrated to bring out the best flavors of each bean that we roast, and we continuously taste and monitor every batch to ensure quality and consistency. We are passionate about coffee here at GCR, and you can taste that passion in every cup!

“Roxy,” our SF-25 model roasting machine, was built in 1992 by CoffeePer, now the San Franciscan Roaster Company.  We obtained Roxy in 2012 when we first opened our doors, well used and loved by her previous owner and fully factory refurbished to our specifications.

Roxy is an old-style direct heat transfer drum roaster, designed for true artisan roasting - 100% manual operation, with no automation! Every aspect of the roast is controlled by hand, requiring close attention to detail throughout every stage of the roasting process.  This allows us to closely monitor our roasts and make adjustments on the fly to account for variations in humidity, air flow, gas pressure and bean temperature while replicating established roast profiles for each bean.  The result is delicious artisan-crafted coffee, roasted to perfection every time.  

In the spring of 2019 we completed a long planned major expansion of our roasting facility, taking over the suite next door to our retail cafe and moving our roaster and all production activities into the greatly enlarged space.  We expanded our roasting, packaging and shipping capacity from a cramped 187 square feet in a small side room to the cafe to over 700 square feet of dedicated production space enabling us to better keep up with the demands of our growing business.  Our old roasting room inside the café was converted into additional customer seating and meeting space for small groups - another much needed enhancement to better serve our retail customers.