For optimum flavor and freshness, we recommend that you purchase whole beans and grind them just before brewing. Always use a high quality "burr" grinder (two metal plates that rotate on top of one another) to grind your beans, rather than a "spinning blade" style of grinder.  A burr grinder achieves a very uniform particle size that does not vary from grind to grind, thereby optimizing the extraction of coffee flavors. The spinning blade style of grinder "cuts" rather than grinds the coffee creating particle sizes of varying sizes and shapes, which can adversely affect the extraction process and make it difficult to achieve consistency from cup to cup.  We recommend the excellent home burr grinders made by Baratza - the Baratza Encore or Baratza Virtuoso+.

Wondering how coarse or fine to grind those beans? It depends on your brewing method and your personal taste preferences!

In general, the longer the grounds will be in contact with your water, the coarser the grind should be; the faster the brewing method, the finer the grind. However, there are no “absolutes” and what matters most is how your coffee tastes to YOU!  If you find your brew to be weak or watery tasting, try a slightly finer grind; conversely, if your coffee tastes bitter or too strong, experiment with a slightly coarser grind. 

If you prefer to order your beans pre-ground, use the following guidelines to choose the correct grind for your brewing method.  If in doubt, call or email us before placing your order for personal assistance in choosing the correct grind.

French Press: Coarse or Medium Coarse (Select COARSE OR REGULAR PERC)

Cold Brew (Toddy or similar): Coarse or Medium Coarse (Select COARSE or REGULAR PERC)

Electric Percolator: Medium Coarse (Select ELECTRIC PERC)

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker (flat bottom or cone): Medium to Fine (Select AUTO DRIP or FINE)

Manual Pour-Over (cone filter): Fine (Select FINE)

Espresso: Extra Fine (Select ESPRESSO 1 or ESPRESSO 2)