COVID -19 UPDATE 3/13/2020

To our valued customers and friends,

We wanted to update you on our efforts to help keep you and our employees healthy and safe during the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency.

GCR is closely monitoring the latest guidance from local, state and federal public health authorities, and we are taking numerous precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of our customers and staff. Our goal is to do everything we can to help you stay healthy and feel confident when you patronize our shop or order our products online during this unprecedented and rapidly evolving situation:

1. We have expanded our already rigorous hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing protocols to include more frequent and deeper cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces in our customer seating, drink prep, roasting and packaging areas, using industrial food-grade sanitizing solutions;
2. We have suspended acceptance of customer-supplied cups for prepared drinks; you may still bring your own cup to use at our self-serve brewed coffee bar, but please be sure it is cleaned and sanitized before you do so;
3. We are implementing new protocols for cleaning and sanitizing tables between customers – watch for new “Stop” signs to leave on your table after you vacate it, to alert staff to the need to sanitize the table before it is reused by another customer;
4. We have revamped some of our workflow procedures to eliminate any potential cross-contamination between food and drink preparation areas and other work stations;
5. We will be providing hand sanitizer at the counter for customer use - just as soon as we can lay our hands on some! (anyone have a black market source? Will trade coffee for sanitizer!)
6. Oh, and that shared public restroom key? It now lives permanently in its own bucket of sanitizing solution. Ask for it at the counter if you need to go.

Please do your part too!

1. Stay home if you are feeling even a little bit sick or running a fever.
2. Wash and/or sanitize your hands often.
3. Don’t touch your face.
4. Keep drinking coffee! Lots and lots of coffee! We need your continued patronage and support to stay open and still be here after this health crisis is over!

If you must stay home for health or other reasons, remember you can order beans online at for fast, convenient shipment to your doorstep!

With love and appreciation,
your friends at GCR

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Coffee from all over the world and really competitive prices. The light peru roast had a really rich flavor and the atmosphere was nice!

Brianna, TripAdvisor